Where is China heading to? (Raquel Jorge-Ricart, Elcano Royal Institute)

In recent months, Chinese companies are witnessing a surge in the amount of regulations they must be subject to. Fines are also growing, albeit to a lesser extent. The so-called crackdown, which is carried out by the Chinese government, is nothing new, but it is indeed more intense. This is especially the case for the country’s technology firms.

Internet sector (Tencent), food delivery apps (Meituan), recruitment systems (Kanzhun), taix apps (Didi), or online private tutoring platforms, amongst others, are seeing how state intervention and supervision are increasing at a time when their economic activity was beginning to grow significantly within the country, or rather they were well consolidated companies over the Chinese market, but were seeking new global markets both at the commercial level, with greater market share and agreements in other countries, and also at the financial level by going public on foreign stock exchanges.

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